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LED light source module: using a new packaging technology and integrated package of new materials to create a new type of integrated planar light source structure, reducing the thermal resistance, improved light efficiency and to achieve standardization, serialization.
Optical glass lens module: UV stable, non-yellowing, light failure occurred.
Light shell radiator module: A new rare earth materials and cleverly designed structure via convection. So that the thermal conductivity and heat capacity to speed up two times, while the dust and water, reduce weight and manufacturing cost of the lamp.
Power Management driver module: improved power efficiency, and adjust the light wireless communication features that make energy management more convenient.

Why we are better than others

High energy efficiency

The entire lighting efficiency of up to 120-140lm / W, about 70% energy saving than sodium than comparable international brand of LED lights and then saving 20%, is a world leader.

High reliability

50,000 hours service life of ten years to ensure trouble-free operation of the whole lamp.

High through the fog

Yellow 2500k color temperature, the light in the 580-585 nanometer wavelength main solve the LED light penetration enough problems.

Low-light failure

Electric light by the National Testing Center, 3000 a small decline of less than 2%, 6000 a small decline of less than 3%, 10,000 small-time decline of less than 4%, to ensure that the 10-year lifetime of the light attenuation is less than 20%.

Strong heat self-cleaning function

LED lamps eliminate fouling between the heat sink can not be cleaned of dust affect the cooling of industry problems.

Where we fortunately

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